Slide to the right to see little comics about the meaning of SKY shirt.
Oh, on August 24, 2022, I suddenly decided to participate in my first market. Three days before the start.

Okay, let's go!
So, let's take a piece of natural linen.
My favorite shade of blue. Like a clear blue sky.
There were cloudy days. But this only added to the fabulousness of the process.
Yes, I made the Sky shirt in the sky.
You can see the clouds swirling around me.
The work was in full swing until nightfall.
The next day.
Strong wind, rain, sun, rainbow – all together.
Rocks, waves, wind, ocean, clouds, rainbow, calmness and strength – all this is inside your shirt.
The final touch is fixing the "clouds" on the fabric.
With water, soap, steam and fresh mountain air.
Describe all this and save it inside the NFC tags.

Put the top of your phone to the shirt to open the link with the unique history of your SKY.
How OUT NFC works?
Each shirt has an NFC tag.
Hold up your phone to open a link with a unique history of its creation.
You can order shirt in any size and color. Your shirt and the history of its creation will be absolutely unique.

No one knows what this story will be, but it's definitely about you and only for you.
Order your superpower!
Fill out the form with size, color and other wishes for your own unique shirt.
Pay online. Get worldwide.
Specify the delivery address and pay online (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal).
Stay tuned.
Follow the whole process of creating your shirt. Usually it takes about 7 days.
Feel better!
In your new powerful OUT shirt, created especially for you.

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Clothes for becoming beautiful inside.