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The day started without a plan.
But with good coffee by the ocean.
When you don't have a plan and your head is in chaos, you need to do at least something.

I started drawing what was around me.
It got better.
Now let's look at a piece of natural linen.
Green, like a kind and brave dragon from fairy tales. Dragon's Spine shirt. Definitely!
I was so lazy that day. I just sat and looked at the ocean for a long time. I didn't think I'd even start making a shirt.
But I started and did it. With great pleasure.
Oh, by the way, on this day one airpods fell out of the ear and remained somewhere deep in the rock.

Yes, shit happens, it's real life. But Dragon's Spine will definitely stand it.
Place: Portugal
Date: 12.08.2022
Dragon's Spine Shirt from 12.08.22
The history of the shirt continues in Portugal.

Dragon's Spine met Faia on the Santa Clara market in Lisbon on 27.08.2022.

Let Faia stay strong to enjoy all the moments of real life.
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