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Oh, on August 24, 2022, I suddenly decided to participate in my first market. Three days before the start.

Okay, let's go!
Do you remember the dragons from the movie "Avatar"?
Yes, let's take the same bright turquoise natural linen.
The misty forest of Sintra. Beautiful and fabulous.
Dragon's Spine was born in the clouds. This Dragon definitely can fly.
The work was in full swing until nightfall.
The final touch is a small NFC tag that is sewn inside.

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Place: Portugal
Date: 24-25.08.2022
Dragon's Spine Shirt from 24.08.22
Dragon's Spine continues to live with Lialia in Lisbon (Portugal).

Let the Dragon's Spine shirt help Lialia overcome any difficulties and always find time and energy for bright dances and adventures.
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