About Valeria and the Horse, who are here to make you feel better.
Hello! My name is Valeria.

Valeria has dreamed of creating clothes since childhood.
The older she got, the longer the list of "buts" became.
Do you know what riding a horse feels like? Triumphant, elevated.
That's how I feel when I'm sure I did something perfectly.

Why do something if you don't have that "on a horse" feeling?
It's pointless, I won't.
Wait, wait, wait.
Why «won't» if you WANT it?

«I want» is not enough.
It's not serious. I
won't become a great fashion designer. I'll be a pathetic mediocrity. Stop it!
Just do it and you'll be fine!

And someone please tell beached whales that they should avoid being out of the ocean.
For many years, Valeria was a workaholic and defined herself only through her career.

During the day she was doing "normal" car business, and at night she sewed clothes in the basement of her house.
It's so scary to be not perfect and without the Horse along the way. There are a lot of people like Valeria.

We want to do something, to be someone, to feel like something, but desires die of fear
It's so difficult to change our mind.

But on our shoulders, except heavy responsibility, there is a huge resource - the form.

I can transform negative emotions into a wearable positive form. Like clothes are a psychologist.
The turning point has come.

In 2022, Valeria agreed with herself that she would at least try to realize her desires. She stopped doing car business and left her homeland Belarus for Portugal.
Now Valeria creates meaningful forms with a transparent birth history. Forms that would help her and other people stop being afraid of their "I want". Forms that would support going out "on a horse".
Some things are meaningful, and some…

Just because I wanted to do such things.
These clothes are not perfect, but they are full of personal freedom and creativity.

It will be perfect if my experience and clothes can inspire and support you, but the main thing is «perfect» is not the main thing.
I do what I want.
I do it where I feel good.

Just create something and…
Clothes for your mind and freedom.
Clothes for being beautiful inside.