A small piece of natural linen that I brought from Belarus. Sky-blue color. Not too bright. Not too dim. The perfect blue color.
I really wanted to do outdoor OUT by the ocean, but...
It was often impossible to drive to the beach by car without jumping off a cliff.

Through wild paths and bushes, I still got to the first place – Praia do Magoito.
First of all, it was necessary to cut out the base for the shirt. Doing it near the ocean under gusts of wind was difficult and stupid, but I still wanted it!
First outdoor OUT by the ocean:

• Hard (too heavy gear)
• Uncomfortable
• Stupid

Sounds good. Let's do it again!
The next step was in a remote part of Praia da Adraga. This time I prepared better and got a lighter gear.

Ocean, mountains, sun and outdoor OUT in a cozy corner.
I still didn't understand what exactly I wanted to create. Just intuitively created... something.

There is no deep therapeutic meaning in the shape of a shirt. I just do what I want.
At this time, the waves got too close.

I put the table further from the shore and wanted to continue, but suddenly understand...
During this time, the tide cut off my cozy corner from the mainland. I came from a country where there is no sea, so there was no tide in my plans.

I'm stuck between the ocean and the mountains. Now I can go back only through the water.
Scary and very funny at the same time.

Inspires to find ways to get out of a difficult situation. This became the theme of the shirt.
Miraculously, a local guy came to this part of the beach. He was curious about what I'm doing here.

As he was leaving, he asked if I needed help. I wanted to modestly refuse, but my self-preservation gave the guy a sewing machine and a table. Let's go!

The tide waves became higher than my height. We got out of the beach through the rocks. An exciting experience!
The final stage of work on the shirt was already at a height above the ocean. A cliff near Praia da Aguda.

The sound of waves, sunset and incredible happiness from the opportunity to create something in such an atmosphere.
If you find yourself under the waves of the tide, let it be waves of inspiration to create more and more. These waves are reflected in the form of a shirt.

Tide. Inspiring Tide.
Each shirt has a unique history of creation, number (start date of creation in hexadecimal notation) and NFC tag inside with link to the shirt's personal page, where the history your life with it will be continued...
How does a unique NFC tag OUT work?
A unique tag with a link inside each OUT shirt
Valeria Kri
Continues the history of OUT Tide 1D982D6
The pleasant movement of the shirt waves while walking is very soothing and inspires me. I remember how much I had to overcome to feel it.

I decided to keep this shirt for myself. Now I'm sure I can do more. And will do it with the same ease as the waves move on my shirt.
You can order an OUT Tide shirt for yourself in any size and color. Your shirt and the history of its creation will be absolutely unique.

No one knows what this story will be, but it's definitely about you and only for you.

Clothes for supporting your mind and freedom.
Clothes for becoming beautiful inside.